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Customer Mounts

Mallard / Pintail Hybrid
Scratching Gadwall
Teal Trio mounted for Mike Adams
Mounted for Mike Smith
Mounted for John Davis
Mounted for Lee Martin
Donated to Ducks Unlimited, Mandeville Chapter
Harlequin Duck for Michael Garrity
Blue Wing Teal for Michael Dubuc
Cinnamon Teal
Ringneck Duck for Mike Bonner
Purple Galllinule mounted for Robbie LeBouf
Speckle Bellied Goose mounted for Charles Wilmore
Wood Ducks - Flying Pair for Matt Spreen
Blue Goose for Billy Hingle
Mallard Pair Flying for Paul Gelpi
Green Wing Teal Flying mounted for James McKenzie
Hanging Teal Trio for Mike Dahmer
Hanging Pair mounted for Jim Hawkins
Wood Duck pair on Log mounted for Eugene Bordelon
Red Head Flying mounted for Jim Hawkins
Snow Goose mounted for Charles Wilmore
Widgeon mounted for Jacob Lyncker
Gadwall Pied mounted for Zack Martin
Bufflehead mounted for David Frady
Black Bellied Tree Duck for mounted for Harold Gallo
Scaup for John Vaeth
Mottled Duck Flying for Rodney Bourgeois
Harlequin Duck mounted for Robert Hynes
Mottled Duck Preen for Brent Creel
Hood Merganser mounted for Charles Wilmore
Green Wing Teal mounted for John Vaeth
Flying Blue Wing Teal mounted for John Vaeth
Hanging Widgeons for Chuck Bohan
Red Head mounted for Zack Martin
Pintail for Al Royere
Canvasback for Adam Dufrene
Mallard for Pat Pescay
Green Wing Teal for Noel Johnson
Flying Mallards mounted for Shawn Suggs
Galdwall mounted for Noel Johnson
Flying Widgeon
Flying Green Wing Teal for Ryan Lambert,
Mottled Duck mounted for Ryan Lambert
Snow Goose
Hanging Widgeons
Mounted for Brian Milan, 2012
Mounted for Cory Dufrene
Mounted for Zack Martin,
Boat Tailed Grackle
Old Squaw for David Thibodeaux
Wood Ducks for Michael Garrity
Mallard - Black Duck for Story Charbonnet